Goodbye Elective, Hello Net Smart me


Summary of what this elective has been about and what i have learnt.

Sorry its hard to read, its a bit bigger if you open the link in Vimeo.


It’s like Harry Potter


Linking to the previous post about E-cards, Moonpig have launched a digital card that is still made of paper. The sender uploads a video and a still from the video is printed onto the card. The image comes to life when the receiver scans the card their app.
The technology is powered by the Augmented Reality company Zappar.
When it was first invented the E-card appealed to the enviro friendly warrior in us all, however not everyone’s nan had a computer. I can imagine that most people who sent E-cards were professionals with access to computers, making the E-card non personal as you can forward it to the masses.
The video cards a a major step forward in keeping the social convention of sending cards and interactive messages. No matter how old fashioned they are we all love opening their envelopes, laughing and displaying them.

The Web on your wall (pun point)


The Web on your wall (pun point)

The Polaroid Catcher can capture any online activity and print it as a polaroid photo. We spend so much time on the internet, but we never capture any of the
its a clever way of the moments as we do in the physical world.
Its a great invention but at the same time it would be a strange notion to look at these polaroid images along side of holiday snaps and feel nostalgic about them.


Blogging can be a career.

Bloggers have taken over the magazine market. We no longer wait for the monthly update on what’s trendy, we can have a daily stream of images. The public feel more connected to a blogger than the editor of vogue, because bloggers have a ‘normal’ budget to spend on clothes. My friend Ngoni, NRC, started her blog over two years ago writing and reviewing fashion trends and showcasing her ow outfits. She also has a DIY section where she customises and makes clothes. When she had a large amount of followers she started getting noticed by PR companies who started sending her free clothes for her to review. This is a cost effective advertising method for the clothes companies, as we are more likely to buy things that friends recommend. As her fan base grows so to the gifts, she has expanded the blog from fashion, now she also reviews restaurants, hotels and holiday places. It all sounds like easy money,  She has worked very hard on the blog and networking and reviewing items for free, it has taken over a year for it to all pay off.

He broke up with me via text!!!

“The medium is the message” (McLuhan, M. 1964 cited in Wikipedia n.d.) , sometimes pronounced as massage.

In other words it doesn’t matter what you say, it is the medium you choose. For example when using the telephone what you say only affects one or a few people, however using the telephone itself affects a lot more people. We used to get all our information from books, now the television and the internet tell us everything.In an interview McLuhan (1977) said that Literacy is subjective and TV is objective; When reading a book on your own you make decisions of its meaning by yourself at that time. However television reaches out to millions of people all at the same time, with the conclusion clearly illustrated in imagery.

Everyone knows the hit Gangham Style; But I bet no one knows exactly what Psy is singing about. It has over a 1billion views; Comparing it to the 48,000 views The McLuhan interview has, In the medium that he has chose it doesn’t matter.

Live stream dot com


Livestream is a websites that allows people to share their computer screens by streaming it (live). This means you could watch a film, or even a tutorial with someone anywhere in the world. Another way of compressing the distances between us.
My sister Lufuno has an illustration fandom blog,, that has gathered a crazy amount of followers. She draws her own Avengers comics and spoofs and shares them with fellow fans. Recently she has started using live streams so her followers can watch her as she’s drawing. There is also a live chat where they can comment as she’s drawing making the experience interactive; viewers can comment and request things to be added to the drawing.

I have also learned from her that tumblr fans have their own language;
My feels – my feelings are exploding, very emotional
hjbdjhkja – the inability to explain how you feel, mainly used in awe.

Rest in Pixels

Rest in Pixels

Digital death. We all have those annoying people on Facebook; You know you haven’t spoken to since school who feel the need to let the whole world know what they redoing every 15 minutes. Why do let ourselves continuously get irritated when heir name comes upon our feed? Why don’t we just click the unfriend button? I’ll tell you why. It will feel like they have died. Facebook is a platform for us to share our lives, along as we’re on there everyone knows we’re still alive. Sometimes i am driven to the point of un-friending someone, and as i click that button there is a moment of sadness. It’s strange I feel more sadness towards virtually unfriending a person i haven’t talked to in over 3years.

Merry E-mas


Merry E-mas

This is an E-card i designed for my friend who is a blogger to send out to her clients, PR companies and fashionista friends.
The concept of the E-card was created in 1994 by Judith Dothan (n.d. cited in Wikipedia) Since then the E-card has evolved along with technology; they can now include flash animation, video and can be interactive. Their medium has always been the same, email. Its an environmentally friendly way to send greetings.